Hardware Needed For VHS to DVD Service

In today’s digital age, technology is expanding by leaps and bounds. One technology that was very big in its day was recording video on VHS cassette tapes. Today, technology has moved past the point of using magnetic media that can break down over time and lose valuable data. Today, people use DVD’s (digital video discs). DVDs are much more durable than the old VHS cassettes and information is stored on them optically using a laser to burn the information into a special coating. Many people still have old VHS collections around their homes, though. Some of these are wondering what hardware is needed for VHS to DVD service.There are a couple of different approaches a person can take to converting their VHS movie collection to DVD. The most straightforward approach is to purchase a DVD-R, a device which can not only play DVDs but can also create them. Next, the person must attach a working VCR/VCP directly to the DVD-R.The VHS cassette is then placed into the VCR/VCP as set to start playing from the beginning. A blank DVD disc is then placed into the DVD-R. As soon as the tape starts to play the record button is pressed on the DVD-R and it begins to burn a copy of the video that is on the tape directly onto the disc. The major drawback to this approach is that there is no way to edit the materials on the tape before it gets onto the disc.The other approach works well for those who are a bit more technologically inclined. In this case, one needs a special device that connects to the VCR/VCP on one hand and to a computer on the other. This device will convert the analog data picked up from the tape to a digital signal that will be stored as a file on the computer.Most modern computers come with a built-in DVD burner. For those few that do not, it is not difficult to locate one and install it in the privacy of one’s own home.Once the digital file is created from the data on the VHS cassette, it can be opened and manipulated using one of many different brands of software that were designed for this purpose. This conversion software allows for editing of the video to improve quality, editing and sound, addition of captions or subtitles, and creation of a menu that allows the end user to switch from one scene to another it will without having to wait until that point is reached as they had to with the VHS.The final step is to compress the file into a format that can be read by a DVD player and burn it to the disc.